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Ignition Coil Cover

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Ignition Coil Cover

The ignition coil is a vital part of any engine as it helps in igniting the fuel of your engine. Ignition coil covers protect your ignition coil from the elements and other contaminants, keeping it functioning well. JeepsAreUs offers a variety of genuine Jeep Ignition Coil Covers for select model years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Start Your Vehicle Reliably Using Jeep Ignition Coils

The ignition coil of an engine converts the low voltage of your car battery into thousands of volts needed by the spark plug to ignite the fuel. Each spark plug has its one ignition or induction coil which sits either directly on top of it or connected using wires. Some ignition coils have an internal resistor, a resistor wire or an external resistor which limits the current that flows into the coil from the car battery, preventing it from burning out easily.

Ignition coils can go bad over time, resulting in vehicle stalling, backfiring or engine misfiring. These malfunctions are caused when your ignition coils get contaminated and damaged from outside elements, making your car less fuel-efficient. Protect your ignition coils from outside elements and other contaminants by using genuine ignition coil covers on your engine.

Purchase Genuine OEM Ignition Coil Covers for Less

JeepsAreUs offers a quality selection of genuine and heavy-duty Jeep Hellcat Ignition Coil Covers for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Our products include coil covers for the left and right side of the engine.

Our products at JeepsAreUs are guaranteed to be durable and easy to install while remaining affordable as they are sold for less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Ensure the quality and affordability of your Jeep upgrades when you shop for the best Jeep ignition coil covers and other parts and accessories at JeepsAreUs.