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Fog Lamp

Fog Lamp

Fog lamps are specialized light sources installed to the front of your Jeep and are usually separate from your factory headlights. Fog lamps are used in addition to your regular headlights for added visibility during potentially-dangerous drives under inclement weather. JeepsAreUs offers a quality selection of genuine and high-quality fog lamps for select Jeep models.

Drive Through Inclement Weather Confidently Using Fog Lights

Shopping for external light sources for your Jeep can be very confusing if you are unfamiliar with the different kinds available in the market and their function. Driving lights, daytime running lights, and fog lights all have specific uses. Fog lamps, for example, are not as bright as some would expect. They produce a wide but short beam of light that helps you navigate through rain, fog, or snow. Driving lights are designed to illuminate objects in the distance, while fog lamps are made to illuminate the ground directly in front of your Jeep so that you can see exactly where you are driving.

If you are planning to embark on an adventure to an area known for thick fog, intense snowstorms, or misty rain, then you should consider installing fog lamps on your Jeep as they can penetrate these types of conditions better to give you better road visibility.

Get Genuine & Durable Fog Lamps For Less

JeepsAreUs offers a quality selection of genuine and heavy-duty fog light kits for several Jeep models. Our products include Jeep LED fog lamp kits designed for select model years of the Jeep Commander. We also have chrome-finished Jeep fog lamp bezels and rear fog lamp kits for the 2011, 2012, and 2013 model years of Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Our fog lamps and other parts and accessories at JeepsAreUs are easy to install and are priced less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Browse our online catalog now and find the best car lights and fog lamps according to your Jeep's vehicle specifications.