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A drive shaft or driveshaft is an extremely crucial car part. It's one of the main mechanical devices that enable your Jeep to generate power. Without it, your vehicle will not operate smoothly. JeepsAreUs offers a selection of genuine OEM Mopar Jeep driveshafts that are compatible with select Jeep model years. Browse our catalog now to find the product for you.

Equip your Jeep with a Performance Driveshaft

A driveshaft is a part that any car, including your Jeep vehicle, can't run without. This part distributes the power or torque generated by the engine to the intended areas. The area where the torque is transferred depends on the transmission of a vehicle whether it's a rear-wheel, front-wheel, or four-wheel drive. In four-wheel drive vehicles, two driveshafts are necessary to generate sufficient power.

That said, equipping your Jeep with a premium-quality driveshaft is a top priority. At JeepsAreUs, we've got your engine performance needs covered.

Find Genuine Jeep Wrangler Driveshafts for Less

Due to their mechanical characteristic, driveshafts are prone to wear and tear. An old or defective driveshaft can directly influence the amount of power your engine gets to run efficiently. This causes the other parts of your vehicle to overcompensate and consequently wear down much faster. On top of that, the clanking sounds and violent vibrations will take a toll on your experience in transit. Worst-case scenario is when your vehicle's wheels stop operating because they're not receiving any power. To prevent these from ever happening, replacing your old driveshaft with a new one is a great place to start.

JeepsAreUs carries a variety of Jeep Wrangler front driveshafts that are compatible with select model years of the Jeep Wrangler JK. A hundred percent authentic and guaranteed to fit your Jeep Wrangler JK, our Mopar Jeep JK front drive shafts also sell for less than the suggested retail price. Browse our catalog now to find the best part for your ride.