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Coil Spring

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Coil Spring

Coil springs in car suspension systems are compression springs that help vehicles absorb bumps better and minimize body roll for a smoother drive. Coil springs have varying stiffness and strength and can either be mounted individually or installed with a shock absorber. Browse the JeepsAreUs online catalog to find an affordable and high-quality coil spring for your Jeep today.

Use a Quality Coil Spring to Achieve a Smoother Ride

Coil springs are a mechanical device that support the vehicle at its desired height and maintain its proper alignment. It absorbs road shocks and bumps transmitted through the tires and shock absorbers. Moreover, it supports the weight of the vehicle and prevents the vehicle frame—or the main supporting structure of a car—from sagging to help drivers achieve a smoother ride.

Newer vehicles allow for the installation of coil springs between the strut and upper strut mount. Other automobiles without the same coil-over design that modern cars use, however, contain coil springs found over shocks. Vehicles that do fall either into either category put the spring in between the control arm and frame or engine cross-member for front coil springs, or between the axle and chassis for rear coil springs.

Like all other car parts, coil springs are subject to wear and tear and can deteriorate over time. Excessive use and the formation of rust can weaken a coil spring, resulting in poor compression and expansion capabilities. In turn, it could break more easily and lead to bumpier drives. A bad coil spring suspension can also compromise the ride height of a vehicle, affecting its alignment and ability to maneuver properly.

Purchase Genuine Coil Springs For Less

JeepsAreUs offers high-quality OEM coil springs and coil spring replacements for your suspension systems. Our products include genuine, easy-to-install Jeep coil springs compatible with the 2007 to 2018 model years of the Jeep Wrangler JK.