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Car Jack

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Car Jack

Car jacks are used to lift a vehicle and are commonly used when replacing a flat tire or during maintenance checks. Having this tool in your car at all times is vital as it is indispensable during emergency road situations or accidents. Buy stable and easy-to-use car jacks from JeepsAreUs to secure your Jeep Wrangler JK.

Use the Appropriate Car Jack for Specific Repairs

Car jacks work either by mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic power. Most units are mechanical jacks or screw jacks that use a threaded shaft to lift heavy equipment. They are rated based on their lift capacity, which is usually denoted by the amount of weight it can carry in tons. Hydraulic jacks have significantly greater lift capacities. This type of vehicle jack is filled with an incompressible liquid, exerting a manageable amount of force on one end will result in an amplified lift on the opposite side. Hydraulic jacks come in many forms like bottle jacks for roadside inspection and floor jacks for full-on vehicular repairs.

Pneumatic car jacks, on the other hand, utilize compressed air to transfer forces and lift an entire car or move specific components. Ensure their efficiency by removing the water vapor and adding atomized oil. Car jacks are also classified based on their particular uses and how they are operated. Common types of car jacks include scissor jacks, trolley jacks, and high lift jacks. Scissor jacks are compact, user-friendly, and great for emergencies. Trolley jacks are often used during oil changes while high lift jacks are used to lift extremely heavy vehicles.

Shop Genuine OEM Car Jacks Online

JeepsAreUs has a quality selection of car jacks select model years of the Jeep Wrangler JK. We have scissor jacks and high lift jacks that are easy-to-use and passed meticulous quality tests. Our products also include a raised jack base for additional lift height and a hi-lift jack carrier for storing and securing your car jack while you travel.

Our products at JeepsAreUs are guaranteed to be high-quality and durable while selling for less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Browse our website to shop for heavy-duty Jeep car jacks and other parts and accessories at affordable prices.