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Home > Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006 > Wrangler Console SUBWOOFER / AMP FACTORY OEM

Product Categories: Interior - replacement parts & accessories  Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006 

Mopar® z6038743ad Wrangler Console SUBWOOFER / AMP FACTORY OEM


Mopar® Item z6038743ad

Chrysler Jeep Subwoofer (50 watt amplified 8 inch subwoofer and Amp is included" for your center console, comes with the mounting brackets installed already, easy to install into your console, must be wired in comes with instructions to wire it in. Fits all consoles 2001 to 2006. Must splice in wiring for 03-06 if replacing one for these years. This one has 6 pin plug not 12 as in 2003-2006. As of 2012 Chrysler requires that the old subwoofer be returned with an in-tact uncracked case to avoid a "core charge" on a new sub-woofer. We recommend that you contact us (877-533-7787) and arrange the shipping of your existing subwoofer, or obtain core charge pricing before the order is placed.